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Custom titanium bicycle with DEDA Alanera DCR integrated cockpit
Thank you so much Mr. Gintaras Zukauskas and team!

Your unparalleled integrity, top-notch work, and remarkable craftsmanship on my custom order were truly exemplary. Discovered simplicity in the process and clear guidance despite having limited knowledge about bikes. An outstanding and commendable experience with Wittson Custom Ti Cycles.

I love my WITTSON machine. Ačiū!

by Mrs. Marie C Ty, USA
Custom titanium bicycle with SRAM Force eTap AXS groupset
The ride is sublime, nothing like any carbon top end bike I have ridden, it is truly awesome.

by Mr. Damien Obst, Australia
Custom titanium gravel bicycle Illuminati with Lauf Grit fork

I can wholeheartedly recommend Wittson Cycles.

I wanted a custom bike that was a blend of road and gravel, designed to meet all my expectations. After extensive correspondence with Mr. Gintaras Zukauskas, whose expertise was immensely helpful, I ordered my dream bike - the titanium Wittson Illuminati.

I have been riding this bike daily for almost five years now, and I couldn't be happier with it. The bike features perfect geometry, excellent cable routing, and the flexibility to mount additional components. The frame was delivered with impeccable craftsmanship.

A huge thank you to Wittson Cycles and master frame builder Mr. Gintaras Zukauskas for the pleasant and very accommodating communication.

by Mr. Jan Matejka, Czechia (build @FutureCycling)

custom titanium bicycle frame with aero integrated cockpit deda vinci dcr
by Mr. Paul Difuntorum, USA
custom titanium bicycle illuminati with rotor alpe d huez crankset
by PuchalkaSport, Poland
Custom titanium bicycle with Sram Red eTap AXS groupset
The bike is very smooth - noticeably less harsh than a carbon frame (I have a Venge and with it, it is a really hard ride after about 100km) so the Wittson is far more comfortable to ride. Its fitted out with a 12-speed SRAM AXS chainset so there is little or no noise as the bike glides along. The geometry is very different to the carbon bike, and at first glance it looks quite tall, but somehow it all fits and was comfortable straight out of the box. Combined with the 12-speed chains, the bike is so very comfortable to rise.

by Mr. Graham, UAE
Custom titanium bicycle with deda vinci dcr integrated cockpit
Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am so happy with the frame you made me. It has now been built with DA Di2 and rides like a dream.

Surprisingly light and super smooth.

The guy who built it up for me was so impressed with the build quality he is looking for you to potentially build him gravel bike.

by Mr. Robin Willey, UK
Custom titanium road disc bicycle illuminati with dura ace di2 groupset
by Mr. Paul Chiswick, Australia
Custom titanium gravel bicycle with Lauf grit fork build at GammaTransportDivision
by Mr. David Gleave, UK (build @GammaTransportDivision)
Custom titanium bicycle with bike ahead composites biturbo road wheelset
by Mr. Ping Hsun Chiang, Taiwan
Titanium Lugs
by Mr. Jason McInnis, USA
Custom titanium road bicycle with rotor uno 13 speed hydraulic groupset
Custom wittson illuminati bicycle with rotor 13 speed groupset
Custom Rotor uno 13 speed hydraulic groupset
Titanium road bicycle with Rotor Aldhu crankset
Titanium road bicycle with Rotor 13 speed hydraulic rear derailleur
by Mr. Arne Vasshus, Norway
custom titanium road bicycle with dura ace groupset and lightweight meilenstain wheelset
by Yao Bike, Taiwan
Custom titanium road bicycle illuminati with dura ace r9100 groupset and enve ses 4.5 ar disc wheelset
Perfect communication, big knowhow, great craftsmanship, performance like a bentley!

by Mr. Gerard Preuss, Switzerland
 Custom titanium road bicycle with Colnago carbon stays build at SkunkWorksBikes
by Mr. Kelly Roy Carter, Australia (build @SkunkWorksBikes)
custom carbon gravel bicycle with titanium lugs lauf grit fork mcfk wheelset
by Mr. Giacomo Bianchi, Italy

custom titanium road disc bicycle illuminati with ultegra R8000 groupset mavic comete pro carbon wheelset columbus futura fork

by Mr. Craig Gilbert, UK

custom titanium road bicycle with campagnolo super record groupset fulcrum racing zero carbon wheelset enve fork controltech timania titanium seatpost

by Mr. Shaun Peter O'Dwyer, UK

Custom titanium road disc bicycle Wittson illuminati with Sram Red eTap wireless groupset Rotor Qarbon Q-Rings Reynolds Assault Disc wheelset

by Mr. Xavier Melendez, USA

custom titanium road bicycle with campagnolo super record groupset leeze carbon wheelset 3t stem and aeronova carbon handlebar
by Mr. Ralf Budde, Germany
titanium road bicycle with campagnolo super record groupset shamal mille wheelset thm carbones scapula fork pmp seatpost
by Mr. Jernej Fegus, Slovenia
titanium monstercross bicycle
by Mr. David Dowdall, Ireland
Titanium Road Bicycle with Dura-Ace groupset Mavic Cosmic carbon wheelset Enve fork Ritchey WCS components
by Mr. Kazunori Nakano, Japan

Wittson titanium gravel bicycle with sram force cx1 groupset enve carbon wheelset and mtn 29er fork
by Mr. Luca Cimarra, Italy

custom titanium road bicycle and fork with campagnolo record groupset zipp wheelset thomson elite stem and carbon handlebar
by Mr. Adam Whitehead, UK

Wittson suppresio titanium bicycle with dura-ace di2 groupset Reynolds assault wheelset enve fork deda superleggero components
Well i've had the summer to ride the Suppresio and i love it. The ride quality is as stunning as the craftsmanship. It glides along the road with a zing that you don't get from carbon, aluminium or steel. I was worried the integrated seat-post might give a slightly unforgiving ride (especially with the very racy Arione R1) but nothing of the sort - i've been comfortable on it on century rides. I wasn't expecting it to be as quick as my carbon bike up the hills but my fastest times this summer have been on the Supressio (and i took it to France to do the Etape du Tour, as well). And of course, it looks stunning!

by Mr. Ben Farrant, UK

titanium road bicycle
titanium road bicycle
titanium road bicycle
by Mr. Terry Chan, Hong Kong

titanium road bicycle with ultegra di2 groupset enve wheelset and fork

Just as feedback, I've been riding my Suppressio now for the last couple weeks and am very happy so far. Comparing to my 2015 S-Works Tarmac, which has very similar geometry and the same build spec, it is noticeably smoother and nearly as stiff and responsive -  I suspect I'm losing a little power compared to the Tarmac (which is otherwise the best bike I've ever ridden), but I see each bike as suiting a different purpose - the Tarmac is a pure race bike, the Suppressio is one that can be raced well, but can also be ridden all day with style.

I built it with an Ultegra di2 groupset, and Enve 4.5 wheels.

Anyway, I'm very happy, and would highly recommend to others.

by Mr. Marcus Whitworth, Australia


Wittson TitaniumBikes Suppresio Enve ChrisKing Campagnolo ‪‎RideReynolds ‎RideDeda
Ridden 600 miles on this bike now. After a few gear tweaks I am now starting to enjoy this bike. I can honestly say this bike is the smoothest bike I have owned. Road buzz is dramatically reduced yet still stiff and just as fast as my previous carbon bike.

by Mr. Steven Bennett, UK


wittson titanium 29er frame with rigid fork
by Mr. Tomo Kubota, Japan


wittson titanium road bicycle with campagnolo record groupset 3t funda fork campagnolo bullet wheelset
I am very happy with the frame.

Compared to my other bikes (Look 695, Merckx aluminium),  I think the Wittson is stiff and balanced. Very nice descending, not twitchy.

It is a large size and I am only 74kgs, so no flex in the bottom bracket or headset area, great for sprinting. I feel the road very well, feel well connected.

The finish is outstanding, good welds and quality feel to the frame. I have recommended a Wittson to a few friends.

by Mr. Robert Bolger, Australia


titanium road disc bicycle
titanium road disc bicycle
titanium road disc bicycle
titanium road disc bicycle
There is a lot of discussion and speculation as to whether road bicycles should be disc equipped or not. We say it’s up to the rider. But if you want road race then it should be road race, not a relaxed geometry that is more reminiscent of touring bikes than road race bikes and is quite often offered by mass production brands. And this build shows exactly what we mean. It’s built using our road race geometry and equipped with CAMPAGNOLO Record groupset, hydraulic TRP brakes and an ENVE 3.4 Smart Clincher Disc wheelset. Our client wanted a road disc bicycle equipped with CAMPY and that’s the only option available on the market that looks and works just perfect.

by Mr. Mike Davis, UK


wittson custom titanium track bicycle project build with wound up zephyr fork Rotor 3d crankset enve custom track wheelset
by Mr. James Pass, USA


wittson suppresio titanium road bicycle with enve fork ultegra 6800 groupset deda alanera handlebar tokyo epic wheelset
by Mr. Dax Jenkins, UK


Custom Titanium 650B 27.5 Bicycle with DT Swiss fork Race Face crankset Formula brakes ZTR Crest wheelset
by Mr. Andrius Liskus, Lithuania


Custom Titanium Bicycle with Ultegra Groupset Ridea Chainrings TRP Brakes Rolf Prima Vigor Wheelset

Custom Titanium Bicycle with Ultegra Groupset Ridea Chainrings TRP Brakes Rolf Prima Vigor Wheelset
by Mr. Kelvin Wee, Singapore


Titanium Road Bicycle Ultegra Enve Deda Prologo hplusson Chris King
Titanium Road Race Bicycle Ultegra
hplusson H Plus Son Chris King
Exclusivity, attention to detail, branding… Clearly the guys at Wittson have titanium flowing through their bodies, the professionalism and passion shown goes a long way to purchasing an expensive item such as this.. You can tell that Wittson put customer satisfaction as a top priority.

It’s always a worry when you can’t really test ride a bike properly before purchasing.  Mindaugas spent considerable time and care going over my measurements that I provided to ensure the frame sizing would be correct…

Once they were happy that I had provided enough information, it was suggested that I would be perfect on one of the standard sizes they produce. They pushed me toward the M which was the correct decision… Left on my own, I may have gone for a large which would have been wrong…  Sometimes you just have to put trust in others, that they know what they’re doing… I’m glad I did!

I cycled a fair amount when I was younger back in the eighties, I still have my first road bike my parents saved hard to purchase for me on my 14th birthday – a Raleigh Record Sprint 12… Alas motorbikes, cars, beer and girls came along and my TDF dreams of riding alongside Stephen Roche never materialised. After a recent early mid-life crisis of racing dirt bikes and trial bikes, where I kept getting hurt… and the responsibilities of family life, I packed this up and dug out the old Raleigh… followed this with a new Specialized bike, and got the cycling bug back again… I guess I’m fitter now than I’ve ever been when I was younger… With a successful bigger effort to cycle all through the winter this year on either the MTB or road bike, it was time to upgrade… the motorbikes that were collecting dust were sold and the money was to be used to purchase something worthwhile that would last like my old Raleigh… I had admired titanium bikes, and a recent chance ride on a friend’s Burls really got me thinking about a Ti build…

I probably spent far too much time searching the Internet instead of working, researching all I could, putting together a list of possibles …

A chance encounter with Wittson at the Bespoked show in London this year, where they proudly had their latest creation on display drawing lots of attention. Got my interest.

Some after coffee and cake, some more cake and lengthy discussions, and I had made my choice. The show was on for three days, I went back the following day with my geometry, and measurements from my previous fit and bike for Mindaugas to look over and check out the sizing, and spec up the size.

It’s not difficult to grab the bike and go for a ride, it looks amazing… understated, although this very fact ensures it draws attention when in the proximity of carbon bikes… It’s super smooth rolling over the poor road surfaces we have here. Notably more so than other bikes I have ridden recently.

We have lots of short sharp hills rather than really long accents, and I prefer to be out the saddle powering up and rolling over rather than grinding.

With the bike feeling stiff, light and quick… it steers really nicely and is reassuring at speed on turns.

After four five hours in saddle the bike still feels really comfortable, it’s a slightly more race orientated geometry, with a shorter head tube than my other bike, so it’s a testament to the frame geometry and having the perfect fit that I find it a pleasure to ride for long durations.

I’m really happy with the performance and look.

by Mr. Andrew James, UK


Titanium Bicycle Project Lefty Thru Axle Sram XO FSA Engage Stans NoTubes  ZTR Crest Tubeless
by Mr. Giacomo Bianchi, Italy


Titanium Bicycle Project Sram Easton Forza 4za FSA King Cage
Titanium Bicycle Project Sram Easton Forza 4za FSA King Cage
by Mr. Peter Boman, Sweden


Titanium Bicycle Project Campagnolo Enve Brooks Time Elite
by Mr. Jody Bett, UK


Titanium Bicycle Project BLB Colnago Michelin
by Mr. Tomas Vysniauskas, Lithuania