Wittson Products Warranty

Warranty Period

WITTSON frames and forks are guaranteed against all manufacturing defect(s) for a lifetime. During this Warranty period, WITTSON will: without charge, replace or repair at its sole discretion. The Warranty applies only to the original owner, and does not transfer to any subsequent owner(s). This Warranty is valid only with the WARRANTY CARD together with the original dated sales invoice/receipt. This Warranty does not offer cash refunds.

Warranty Exclusions: This Warranty Does Not Cover: The Warranty Does Not Apply If: Concerning Any Event Of Accident

The WITTSON repair/replacement policy applies exclusively to the initial buyer.

WITTSON assumes no liability: in the event of any property damage, and/or for any moral or bodily injury to any user, the buyer, or any other person, resulting from any use of a WITTSON frame, fork, or any of its components.

Except as otherwise limited, or expressly forbidden by law: regarding any other condition or guarantee/Warranty (express or implied), whether based in law or by established commercial customs/usage, including (but not limited to) any guarantee (express or implied) of merchantability or fitness/suitability for a particular purpose, WITTSON is not responsible for any damages in which the amount exceeds the actual original purchase price of the bicycle, and furthermore, for any particular, incidental or consequential damages that may occur in connection with the said bicycle.

With regard to the exercising of rights resulting from this Warranty or at law, the buyer of any WITTSON frame or fork agrees to elect domicile in the judicial district of the Republic of Lithuania, as the appropriate, sole, and exclusive jurisdiction for any/all claims and/or legal proceedings.


Warranty service will be performed by WITTSON. For any Warranty claim to be considered, the frame/fork must be brought to WITTSON, in dissembled condition AND accompanied by both the original, dated sales invoice/receipt AND WARRANTY CARD. WITTSON is not responsible for any labour charges for components assembly/disassembly/reassembly when a frame/fork is replaced.

Shipping to and from WITTSON, is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any additional freight, duties, taxes, or other charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

WITTSON will have the option in its sole discretion of either repair or replacement for any defective product. In the event that WITTSON elects to replace a defective frame, a new frame of equal or greater value will be provided. The new frame may not be the same as the model originally purchased.

Any product returns that are received without BOTH the original, dated sales invoice/receipt AND WARRANTY CARD will be refused. WITTSON will not be responsible for any shipping charges associated with returned shipments.

Please contact WITTSON directly for: Warranty service, Warranty claim, or returns, at: warranty@wittson.com

Warranty provided by: WITTSON CYCLES, Svajones g. 8, LT-94105 Klaipeda, Lithuania